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Hi Guys!! I am so excited about this new school year. I want our class to be an exciting place to learn. If you give 100% effort, so will we. The only way to be unsuccessful in this class is to do NOTHING!! Always remember to be KIND to one another, use your powers for Good and not Evil, and make SMART decisions. Let's work together to make this year the BEST!

Class Rules & Expectations


Do not interfere with the learning process.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Treat EVERYONE with Kindness

Respect EARNS Respect

Every day, I expect you to be in your seat when the bell rings so that you are not marked tardy. Bring all necessary materials to class. Complete honest work with no cheating or sharing. Participate in all class activities and discussions. Leave candy, drinks, and food outside of the classroom. Keep cell phones in your bag. Apply cosmetics, lotions, and body sprays in the restroom, not in the classroom. Keep negative or inappropriate comments to yourself. Be willing and ready to learn. Follow all the guidelines as specified by your course syllabus. Abide by the rules of the Code of Conduct. Behave in a way that makes you proud.

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British Literature

Senior English refines the skills students have learned during the first three years of high school. Students will gain a greater understanding of written and spoken English as well as the development of novels and other writings. British Literature is more challenging than previous literature classes (especially the first semester) because the readings span the entire history of British culture. Students must keep up with assigned reading and classroom discussions to ensure success. In their final year of high school, seniors should demonstrate an ability to be personally motivated and responsible for their academic progress. Please keep in mind that senior English is a mandatory course. Failure to pass either/both semesters will prevent students from graduating in May with their peers.

White Concrete Building Near Green Trees

Welcome to World Mythology. We will "open a door to understanding and appreciating both ancient and modern cultures through engaging accounts of myths and epics from the Middle East, Greece and Rome, the Far East and Pacific Islands, the British Isles, Northern Europe, Africa, and the Americas." We will also examine each group's cultural background to uncover the myth's importance. The Monomyth, or Hero's Journey, can be seen in almost all the myths and epics we will read or watch. I will teach you all about it and expect you to apply it to all the myths. Your creativity will also be allowed to flow with projects like designing your own cartouche, creating your own Greek god, and writing in Futhark. I can not wait to go on this journey with you.


Supply List

School and Office Supplies Isolated

British Literature

  • Pens/Pencils
  • Binder or Folder
  • Paper
  • Tissues [optional but nice]
  • Hand Sanitizer [optional but nice]
  • Positive Attitude: Mandatory


  • Pencils/Pens
  • Binder or Folder
  • Markers or Colored Pencils
  • Positive Attitude: Mandatory

Grading Policy

British Literature

Summative: 50% - Major Assignments, Tests, and Essays

Formative: 25% - Minor Assignments, Quizzes, and Daily Work

SR Project: 25% - Senior Project Components


Summative - 70% Tests and projects

Formatve 30% classwork


5 days to make up work if absent.

10 points off each day for a major assignment that is late.

0 late daily work accepted.

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Mrs. Sample's Schedule

1st Period British Literature

2nd Period- Mythology

3rd Period - Planning

4th Period - British Literature

5th Period - British Literature

6th Period - British Literature

7th Period - British Literature

*** Appointments and Tutoring are offered upon request and determined by my schedule